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Our Hillsong Worship album ‘No Other Name’ is out July 1st! Get your copy here:

Name above all names. Album currently on repeat.
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111004 (33) by 【miao】 

Winter is officially here downunder. It’s dark by 5pm and the morning chills make it extremely difficult to get out of bed. I really salute those people who will crawl out of bed at 530am to head to the gym for a workout prior to going into the office.
But with that said, shorter days and longer nights makes a great excuse for chasing sunsets. Looking at this photo ignites this nostalgia in me. Never will I ever tire from all things Japanese. See you in 2.5months Nagoya!
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Take me back to Japan…where dreams are all within reach. #ThrowbackThursday
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(via Trench times : Clochet)

After so many months, definitely STILL lusting over the Celine Trio, which might soon be extinct. BOOOO.
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Currently having a really bad fashion itch. Haven’t shopped in a month. Ever since CA started, it’s just gogogogo without any time to breathe. 
I am again lusting after a Celine Trio for its function and aesthetics. I’m still training myself to be a small-bag-girl because I’m too used to toting around my work horse bag of a Celine Phantom Luggage due to my nature of work - I’m always out at client site, a nomad without a desk of my own. 
Recently, I’ve also been eye a black pair of funky sunnies as well as a pair of black patent Tory Burch heels for work. 
DILEMMA. But a girl can never have too many shoes right???
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Bedroom at the Aupiais House, Camps Bay, South Africa by Greg Wright Architects.

So this is where I have been the last few days. No not exactly here. But yes, in bed. The amount of time I spent in bed the last few days sleeping and nursing this damn fever and body aches like some grandmother with a bad case of rheumatisms…The doctor prescribed me drowsy drugs and ordered me to stay home to rest for 4 whole days. 
I’ve started to make some tweaks and changes to my life here in Sydney in preparation for my repatriation. For starters, I’ve switched from a post-paid to a prepaid line whilst maintaining the same number. I’m keeping a close eye on the home internet and utilities to give myself sufficient time and reminders to inform the relevant vendors that I’d like to terminate their services. I’ve also started to run through the kitchen pantry, bathroom and wardrobe to do a stock count (sorry guys, job hazard) and get rid of obsolete items.
It’s starting to feel quite surreal. The same surreal feeling almost 2 years ago when I knew I had to relocate for work. However, this time I’d be going home back to the arms of my lovely parents, my parents’ nest, where I feel all comfortable, protected and simply at home. However, knowing that being back home and moving into a new position would have its own set of challenges but I’m ready to take it head on with the love that I’ll be showered with.
I’ve a few projects up my sleeve. Mostly home-related, but I suppose that will be another post for another day.  
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during fashion week 2014 (image: vogue)

WHATTTTTTT. From where I come from, there are heaps of provision shops in the heartlands selling these semi-canvas bags which my mother affectionately terms as “those China bags”. It so happens her dress is made of the EXACT same material and design.
Any readers from South East Asia will know exactly what I’m talking about. 
This dress at Fashion Week 2014 = the world is over….